Ultra Tune Unley


Address 110 Unley Road, Unley, 5061

Telephone 8271 5476
fax 8271 5778

web W. ultratunesa.com.au

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Ultra Tune was developed in 1978 by a Tasmanian family who saw a basic need to simplify the business of motor vehicle servicing. Some three years later two South Australian businessmen, John Whiting and Tim Carracher - from a service and retail industry background recognised this need in South Australia.

The State’s motorists traditionally had their car serviced at the local garage or from where they bought their car. Prices and practices fluctuated considerably and customers had little confidence in the industry.

In 1983 John and Tim bought the Franchise Rights to Ultra Tune’s five service centres in South Australia, and made it a state-run business. Their aim was to change the existing attitude South Australians had towards car service and maintenance.

This could only be achieved with the installation of state of the art technology, employing highly trained service technicians, forging long term relationships with the best suppliers and establishing a fixed price service so that the customer knew exactly what they would be paying for before the service was carried out.

The service centres quickly became recognised as trusted providers of quality car services at convenient locations. Customers realised that a Service Centre was located nearby, that they would know what they would pay before checking the car in - offering good value for money, and that new technology would provide detailed information about the car’s workings and faults.

This method of practice has become copied by the trade and recognised by the state’s premier motor vehicle authority - the Royal Automobile Association.

Today, there are 15 service centres in metropolitan Adelaide and one in Darwin. In 1996 Tim Carracher purchased the remaining shares from John Whiting. As a whole, South Australian and Northern Territory Ultra Tune outlets, service approximately 800 cars each week and employs 60 people.