Oxford Dental Practice


Address 10/169 Unley Road, Unley, 5061

Telephone 8357 8900
fax 8271 5832

E. smileone96@hotmail.com
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A Little about us!

At Oxford Dental Practice we love our jobs! We realise that few people enjoy coming to the dentist, and therefore we are committed to providing the best Pain-less, Laser General and Cosmetic Dentistry possible. All of us take pride in bringing you the latest in dental technologies, best materials, proven techniques, and dedicated service. Our team is lead by Dr Timothy Goh, Young Australian of the Year Finalist in 1999 and 2000 for Career Achievement.

Any dentist can do a filling.  However, at our practice we are passionate about exceeding expectations, and spend the time and skills to restore your teeth to the highest standards we set for ourselves. We know that your teeth and smile are integral parts of your overall health and appearance. With that in mind, we design all of our services to ensure that your functional and cosmetic needs are exceeded as comfortably as possible!

Who are our clients?

People of all ages, from all different backgrounds, with all different needs.

They include Politicians, Beauticians, Students, Business people, Brick-layers, Medical Specialists, Plumbers, Lawyers, Cafe owners, Mums, Nurses, Dads, Salespeople, families, even Dental assistants, Dental technicians, and other Dentists! �

What do all of our clients have in common?

They are all people who know and value the quality and service they want for their own and their friends and families dental health care.

Where do our clients travel from?

London, Singapore, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and from all over SA

Who kindly refers their friends, clients, and families to us?

Medical Specialists, Personal Trainers, Beauty Salons, most of our clients, Cosmetic Surgeons, other Dentists, and even Dental specialists.

Why do we receive so many kind referrals that have grown our practice by over 500% over five years?

Because our clients all want to pursue that special level of care and skill we provide that makes us different from other dental practices.

Our commitment to our patients and excellent reputation have lead to our strong relationships with leading specialists in dental, medical, health, beauty and lifestyle fields. Our clients receive preferential appointments with these specialists, meaning minimal waiting when you need that extra assistance.

We invest heavily in the most modern equipment to improve your comfort and the quality of work we provide. In fact, we have recently spent in excess of $250,000 for the newest equipment alone! You wont experience bumpy drills or painful procedures at Oxford Dental Practice!

If you would like to know more please browse our site further or please contact us! We look forward to looking after you!