Antiquarian Print Gallery


Address 148 Unley Road, Unley, 5061

Telephone 8274 1818
fax 8373 6540

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Welcome to the Antiquarian Print Gallery where you will discover an array of Antique Prints dating from the 1600’s to the 1930’s, a window to historical events and periods of design and fashion.

Also we have a range of ARCHIVAL QUALITY LIMITED EDITIONS of historical scenes. We offer for sale FRAMED, MATTED and UN-MATTED ITEMS and are pleased to assist in the selection of individual frame and mat presentations which are crafted on the premises to your specifications .

We specialise in QUALITY AND CONSERVATION FRAMING techniques We have an ART RESTORATION SERVICE for antique prints, paintings and frames whose journey to the present day has not been ideal.
You may also wish for us to assist in presenting your own unframed artworks (posters, photographs etc.) as well as OBJECT FRAMING (eg. War service and sporting medals, precious family trinkets etc.) to suit your decorative needs.

We also offer a written VALUATION SERVICE for insurance purposes.